How to Fix Cannot Download Apps or Update On the App Store

Cannot download app on appstore

You can’t download or update games on the App Store? Download new app just loading it …
This problem is not explained by Apple, I think this is just a less stable internet connection only.
It turns out more than that, some users have tried to use another internet connection but still have the same problem. Here are some tips you can try to troubleshoot failed updates or can’t download apps in the App Store.

1. Make sure Apple Server is Not Troubled

Cannot download app on appstore step 1
The first step you can do is check whether the Apple server is in trouble or not. Go to the Apple System Status page and observe whether there is a yellow or red flag which means there is an trouble.

2. Sign out of the App Store Account
Okay, if the server is fine, it could be your account is a problem. Try to logging out and logging in again. Can pass App Store – Featured – scroll down and press the name of your account and select logout. Another way is through the Settings app> iTunes & App Store.
After logout please let stand a few minutes and try logging back to try to update your application or games. Has it worked?

3. Refresh App StoreCannot download app on appstore step 3
There are secret tricks that iOS users rarely know to refresh in the App Store. Open App Store and press one of the tabs below – Featured (example). Press Featured as much as 10x to refresh. The sign if the refresh process is successful is App Store display will be white or blank for a moment and again display a row of apps and games icons.

4. Force Restart or Restart

Cannot download app on appstore step 4
This method is usually always successful for the problem of failing to update the app in the App Store. First try to Force Restart. Do not know how? Please check the How To Force Restart On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
If not successful, try to Restart. That’s press and hold the power button on your iOS device to display the words Slide to Power Off. Do a slide then your iOS device will turn off. Wait a few moments until it is completely turn off. After that press and hold the power button again to turn on.

5. The Last Way, Reset All Settings on iOS Devices

Cannot download app on appstore step 5
The 4 ways above almost always manage to overcome the problem of downloading applications that are just loading continuously. But if it does not work yet, the last thing you should do is reset your iOS device to start mode.
Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings. This menu will restore existing settings on your iPhone or iPad like when it was new. Or you can also choose Erase All Content and Settings to delete all settings and data on iOS devices.

6. Still Not Working? Contact Apple Support

Cannot download app on appstore step 6
The five ways had not yet successfully overcome the problem of failing to download apps in the App Store? Try to contact Apple Support! The customer support team from Apple will help you check from the server or provide additional suggestions.

How to contact the Apple Support team? Go to the on Contact Support page. Press the Get Started button and select the category of help you need. After that schedule a phone call to be made by the Apple team to your phone number.

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