How To Run iPhone Battery Diagnostics Easily

What’s a smartphone without a battery? That’s the same as a car without fuel, meaningless. Battery has an important role for a smartphone because it becomes a source of energy to support all components of the communication device.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you treat a smartphone, it will not guarantee that the battery condition will continue as it did the first time you bought it. Battery life will continue to decrease in time, such as human life, and will gradually lose its capacity to accommodate electricity.

Here are tips to find out the condition of your battery, whether it is still good, or it’s time to find a new replacement.

1. Do a Visual Inspection
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As a public smartphone, you don’t have to be a electrician to know that your battery is starting to experience problems because in some cases it can be seen with the naked eye. If your battery is removable, simply turn off your smartphone and remove the battery. Check if the battery looks bulging, or there’s corrosion on the metal terminal, or there’s a green or white stain around the battery. That is a sign that you have to provide a new source of energy for your battery.

If you do not see the problems above, do the next step by checking whether the smartphone battery has suspicious spots or your smartphone like having a “hump”, it is recommended that you bring your smartphone to the service center according to your smartphone brand so they can replace the new battery.

Do not reuse the already problematic batteries to your smartphone. Could be, the battery is leaking and cause things you do not want on your favorite smartphone.

2. Do a Spin Test
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Do a spin test, or a swivel test, on your battery. Think of the smartphone battery as “the top” and rotate it on a flat surface. Battery is not supposed to be spinning like a top. And if it happens, immediately replace your smartphone battery.

Lithium battery will decrease with age material simultaneously with the process of recharge (refill). Another way to damage your battery is to not store it properly. In addition, hot temperatures that are too hot or cold will also shorten the life of a battery. Another way is to spend all the battery capacity and leave it without recharge in a long time.

Just like humans, the battery will “cranky” and lose the spirit of life if you do not care properly. The lump will appear slowly and gradually. This is what makes smartphone fans difficult to monitor battery condition.

3. Observe, How Fast Your Battery Level Drops
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Not all mobile phone or smartphone has a battery that can be detected easily by the damage of their respective owners. If this happens on your handheld communications device, then do the diagnosis by noticing how quickly your battery runs out of power. If at any time your battery immediately “drop”, losing two to three percent of its capacity, then you should be worried. And if your battery runs out of power in just a few hours, though rarely used, then it’s time you look for a replacement for your smartphone power source.

4. More Battery Life Diagnose Tips
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For iPhone users, here are some things you should know. Your iPhone will record the number of times your battery is recharged, as well as continuously monitor the capacity of the battery. However, this information is not for you, but only for Apple’s support staff so you will not find it on the iPhone’s settings menu.

Fortunately, there’s another way, by use iBackupBot, an all-in-one tool to manage your available iDevice, both for Mac and PC. Once you connect your iPhone to a PC running iBackupBot, this app will detect and give you access to the details of “confidential” information that is specific to Apple’s support staff only.

In iBackupBot, highlight your smartphone in the device list and select “More Information”. There, you will find a note of how often you plug the charger cable into your iPhone, along with the actual capacity of the battery. If the numbers in Full Charge Capacity are much lower than the numbers in Design Capacity, then it’s good that you immediately get a replacement from your iPhone battery.

For the record, Lithium batteries will lose about

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