How to Save Youtube Video to Your iPhone’s for Offline

How To Save Videos From Iphone

Recently, YouTube is a strict and changing terms and conditions to prevent users from downloading videos to watch offline. However, there are still alternative ways to get this fixed by using third-party apps to save your favorite YouTube videos to your PC and then sync them more iTunes to your iPhone or iPad.

Unfortunately, all of these methods make it convenient and take time to make this transition. In order to have a shortcut to save your favorite videos directly to the iPhone where you can view them any time in offline mode, we found an app called “Video Download Browser” which is capable of downloading in a very simple and convenient way. This app is free.

How To Save Videos From Iphone 1

Here’s how to save YouTube videos into your iPhone and watch offline

  1. Open iTunes App Store from iPhone, search for “Video Download Browser” and then download and install it.
  2. Once installed, open the app and it will come up with several options that you can choose to save your favorite videos.
  3. You can use the browser to search for your YouTube videos or just copy the URL link from your favorite video list and then paste it in the Download Video Browser.
  4. Once successfully loaded the video you want to save, immediately play the video and the app will automatically bring up the “Save to Memory” option at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Just click on the tab and the red badge will appear to indicate that the download has started. If for some reason, the save option does not appear, you may manually click the “Download” button which is next to the “back / forward” button on the taskbar down, it will pop up the option to save the video or add to bookmark.
  6. Next, go to Video panel on your application after you have finished downloading and navigating the video you want to save. Click on the information icon next to the video name and select “Save to Camera Roll”.
  7. Now you can watch your YouTube video favorites in offline mode by selecting them directly from your Camera Roll on your own iPhone. For additional info, you can choose to lock your video in a confidential way by setting up a passcode on the video panel.
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