How To Take Perfect Selfies with Rear Camera on Your iPhone

How To Take Perfect Selfies with Your iPhone

How To Take Perfect Selfies with Rear Camera on Your iPhone ?

The selfie photos are not always fun. Moreover, if your iPhone front camera does not support to do that. So, inevitably you have to rely on rear camera from iPhone. Then, how to take the best selfie via iPhone rear camera?

As you know all along, most iPhone front cameras don’t have a high resolution camera. However, you can anticipate it with an app called SelfieX. This app will maximize iSight technology on your iPhone. In addition to iPhone, SelfieX is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch.

Uniquely, SelfieX apps can provide referrals by virtual assistants. Well, this assistant will ask you to point your camera slightly up, down, right, and left until your photo is absolutely perfect. Once considered ideal, the virtual assistant will say “say cheese” and your photos will be automatically captured.

Not only automatically in taking photos, the results of the shots were you can directly edit with editing tools that have been provided. You can also share your selfie photos to friends through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email.

SelfieX apps you can get for free on the App Store. You can use this app when your iPhone is running at least iOS 8.

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