How to Set Google Maps as Default Map on iPhone

The greeting of the return of Google Maps on iOS is no doubt about it. This can be seen from the number of downloads that reached 10 million in just 48 hours.

Google Maps is just like Google Chrome which is the best app for iPhone, iPod and also iPad. That’s why this Maps is the number one application in almost all app stores.

Because Google Maps proves to be better than Apple Maps app for iOS. But unfortunately it is not a pre-installed app. If you open a map, then what will appear is not Google Maps but the default Maps.

If like this the solution is Tweak Cydia, ie MapsOpener. Tweets created by HASHBANG production is useful for people who have decided not to use Apple Maps as their mapping app.
how to set google maps as default map on iphone 2
MapsOpener is a tweak that can make the Google Maps app as the default map app. Well, for iOS device users who have jailbrake, you can use MapsOpener to redirect all routes / addresses to Google Maps.

Because MapsOpener is used for redirecting from Apple Maps to Google Maps, it is certainly tweak this can be used on iOS 6. But not only that, this tweak was also in demand by users of iOS 5. Although still using Google Maps , But the interface offered by the Google Maps app is much more appealing that iOS 5 users still take advantage of MapsOpener.

MapsOpener can be found for free in Cydia via BigBoss repository. MapsOpener does not require any settings, nor does it add icons to the Home screen. This tweak can only be used if you have installed the Google Maps application first.

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