Apple Has Release iOS Update 10.3.2 – What’s New Features?

Apple Has Release iOS Update 10.3

Apple finally released the latest iOS update today. The latest version this time is iOS 10.3.2 which has been released after several times in the Beta phase for developers and public preview.
Apple Has Release iOS Update 10.3.2
You can download this update as usual from Over The Air (OTA) directly from your iPhone or iPad, or it can also use iTunes on Mac and Windows PC.
Series iOS 10.3.2 is enough to show that this update only brings a number of new features and minor improvements only. In a release note, Apple notes that iOS 10.3.2 brings system bug fixes and security improvements.

If you check on the website, there are quite a few security fixes available on iOS 10.3.2, from AVEVideoEncoder, CoreAudio, iBooks apps, Safari, Notifications features, WebKit and more.

Size update only 160MB if you’ve updated to iOS 10.3.1 before. The size and size of updates will be greater if the distance of your updated version is longer.

Want to update to this latest iOS 10.3.2?

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